Friday Favorites!

Hey guys! We are almost there😬 if your week has been like ours we are so happy to see the weekend come in. #amen As always, I’m linking up today and showing some favorites from the week. The girls had a church practice the other night and it was gorgeous outside so we had a date, which really consisted of … Read More

Art Wall

Hey friends! I’m linking up today and sharing a DIY project we finished a few weeks ago. As the weather gets warmer, we tend to take on more DIY home improvement projects so hopefully I’ll have more soon🙌🏼 A few months ago, I asked which was you guys favorites of these and #1 and #2 seemed to be the winners. … Read More

Friday Favorites Amazon Edition.

Hey friends! I’m linking up today and including some favorites that we’ve purchased lately from Amazon. First up, Ellie loves a Mad Lib book and we love that it’s a brain game. Amazon has all kinds of themed ones but she got this one in her Easter basket. Mad Lib Also Unicorns, because we have girls and they are obsessed … Read More

Spring Break Part 2!

I’m back! Blogging overtime this week to get our pictures shared🙂 Day 3 of break started out cold and windy and stayed that way all day. We were not prepared, so we hit the outlet mall for some warmer gear. We shopped a bit and then headed to The Island with the girls bears. They were excited to hit up … Read More

Spring Break 2018

Hey friends! It’s been a while. We came home Friday from the mountains and have been doing laundry ever since🤣…not really but it sure feels like it! We woke up on Easter and went to Sunrise service and then Sunday School. We were packed and just had to grab bags and get out the door after church. Ideally, we would … Read More