Hey friends! We are in Christmas mode over here, but pressing pause on Christmas prep for a Birthday week for this special girl. She turns 5 on Sunday!

Avery Joy was the baby we honestly didn’t think we would have. We prayed and prayed for a second baby, and after becoming content with Gods plan for our family and focusing on other things we got that positive test. I’m telling you, God knows what we need right when we need it. Always.

She was born on my moms and my grandmas (both passed away years ago but were super special and played a huge part in who I am today) birthdays. Having one of our girls born on their birthdays is crazy special.

She came into the world on December 2, 2013 and was a fighter from the beginning. She was born with a hereditary blood disorder, and had a rough few first months of life with labs twice a week, and a blood transfusion at 3 weeks old. The only transfusion she’s had so far, which is such a blessing! Guys, when I say this girl is tough, I am serious! She’s had more blood draws than I can count, more than what most adults go through if I had to guess.

She is fierce and aggressive at almost everything she does, and loves big!

She is sassy and sweet. The sassy part will take her far in life.

She is almost always in a princess dress and begs to wear dresses everyday.

She loves Dolly Parton and sings Dolly songs all the time!

So this week we are celebrating BIG! We love you Avery Joy and we pray you never loose that strength or sparkle.








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  1. What a sweet review of Avery’s last 5 years! She is certainly a strong little girl and loved by all!!! Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so much!!!

  2. Such a lovely story about an amazing little girl! I am so glad that I have her in my classroom this year❤️

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