Happy Tuesday! It’s the second day of school for the girls, so I thought I’d share our annual back to school brinner and their first day pictures today. 

We have been doing a back to school brinner for a couple of years now and we all love it. We talk about the school year to come, years past and then pray for a good one. We do breakfast for dinner because everyone here loves it but you could do whatever for it and it would be great. 

I used craft paper for the “placemats” so they could and did color on them while I cooked. The pencil die cuts were Amazon finds and were our name cards just for fun. We used apples we had and crayons for decorations and  then we had these cloth napkins.

cloth napkins

Even the pup got new crayons this year;) 

Dog Toy

Yesterday morning it was school time…

We aren’t sure what the year holds at all, but thankful to be able to remote learn and work for now. 

How is this little thing in first grade?! She has the same teacher this year that Ellie had for first and we loved her! Made me bummed to think Avery won’t get that same experience to be loved on in person by her. 

And now we also have a MIDDLE SCHOOLER…

What on earth?! I feel like she just went to pre-k. 

Praying that all your school years are off to a great start no matter how your learning, parenting or teaching this year.



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