Happy Friday! Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Narci to share some favorites. The weather this week has been so springy and full of sunshine! We are loving coming home everyday and putting on our “play clothes” to run outside until dinner time. Winter always seems so long and drug out, but I’m pretty sure spring is here and we are crazy happy … Read More


Hey friends! I thought I’d share what I’ve been Priming lately. We are gearing up for a trip or two so I’ve been priming lots of random things I typically wouldn’t. Ha! We keep Clorox Wipes on Subscribe and Save. I typically send some extra to the girls classrooms throughout the winter months. You can never have enough Clorox Wipes;) Ellie & … Read More


Happy Tuesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what the girls have been reading, so I thought I’d do that today, and am hoping you all have some new recommendations for us. We all read every night. Before the girls go to bed we all carve out time to read. It’s given Ellie more time to read independently or with … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday. It’s been another short school week that seemed just as long or longer than a typical week around here. Anyone else feeling that way?! I’m linking up today with Narci, Andrea and Erika to share some favorites from the week. Which looking back on now, is basically sponsored by Valentines day;) Up first, school parties are these girls favorites. I’ve never … Read More


Hey friends! I’m sharing all things Valentines today. We hosted the girls 2nd Annual Galentines Party over the weekend. Last year the kids wanted to have a fun Valentines party and so it kind of stuck that we would do it every year. We decorate, send home party favors, play games, and eat all the festive things. Both girls invite … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday. I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika to share some favorites today. First up, last Friday was 100th day of school and Averys class dressed up like they were 100 years old. Her life alert was my favorite;) You all know I love a good Aldi find, we’ve been keeping stock in these for an after dinner treat. We … Read More


Hey friends! I’m back today. Finally! I thought I would share some ideas with you this week about Valentines Day. As a family, we love Valentines Day. I think it’s a fun time to show each other extra love, and then also a way to spread love to others as well. Last year we came across the virtual Valentines cards for St. … Read More


Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika to share some finds and favorites for the week. No picture of Brandon preaching, but Sunday our favorite guy was in the pulpit and we are so proud of him for that! He did great! I shared a review of Chaper One vitamin products this week on the blog. Did you see it? If … Read More


Hey friends! Does this seem like the longest week ever, or what?! Back in the swing of things over here but this week is dragging on forever! I’m sharing my favorites today and linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika. First up, we love Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and have bought a similar Sams brand before that tasted pretty close. Sams is not super close … Read More


Hey friends! It’s been a bit! I am sharing life lately today. We have packed in lots of great family time the last few weeks and are on the second part of break for our crew. We’ve had the best time the last few weeks. Eating way to much chocolate and watching way to many movies. Brandon went biking the … Read More