Hey friends! It’s a very special Tuesday around our house, because this guy is turning 32 today! See that “57” in the picture? Well Brandons’ grandpa would always joke that their family was a Heinz 57 family, so when we found a factory of the company on Spring Break we had to stop for a picture;) I’m not sure how … Read More


Hey friends! It’s finally Friday, and our first week back into routine after Spring Break has been crazy busy, so we are thrilled to be heading into the weekend. I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci  and Erika and sharing some favorites from the week. We had our annual womens tea party fellowship at church this past Saturday. It’s always lots of fun and … Read More


Hey friends! We spent most of Spring Break in Sandusky, OH at Castaway Bay. So today I am sharing that. My plan was to recap it blog style, but then when I was going through pictures, I realized a video would maybe be better. So you can see that below. Have a great week!! Spring Break 2019    


Hey friends! I’m linking up today with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites, but thought I’d share our Amazon favorites lately. I’ve shared this before, but it still rings true… We got our new phones this week, and I grabbed this phone case on Amazon. It’s 3 peices and seems like it will hold up well. The price was much better than anything I could … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing our Saturday afternoon today with you and it was FUN!! I was thinking about something fun for Valentines day, and came across a “Galentines” day party for girls. When I ran the idea by our girls, they both loved the thought and wanted to have their own. So that’s what we did! I’m not … Read More


Hey friends! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika. I slacked last week and didn’t blog a friday favorites, but I am back today and sharing. We had a day that was mild (crazy mild for Feb) and jacket weather is our favorite. We tried a new recipe this week and it did not disappoint. It may be a favorite pot pie recipe of … Read More


Hey friends! I thought I’d share a recipe today, which was actually dinner last night;) I originally pinned the recipe, but changed it up a bit so I’m linking the original at the end of this post. Here is what you’ll need: Cooked Chicken ( I used chicken tenders and cut into bite size pieces) Frozen Peas & Carrots (12oz … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! I recently did an Enneagram test and thought maybe you all would be interested in taking it also? So I’m not an Enneagram pro like some people are but my results were a 2, 6 and a 9. There are many of these tests online and I just chose a short and free one. You can … Read More


Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika. The sun finally shined here yesterday which was great for my productivity. It’s been a cold and dreary week so yesterday was a favorite weather wise. We did this puzzle over Christmas break but are ready to get out another one. We borrowed it from some friends and it is the best cold weather … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! It’s a snowy slushy Tuesday in our neck of the woods and the girls are home for a snow day. How do you guys feel about snow days? Do you love them or hate them? We lean more towards loving them, although by 1pm today I may be rethinking that;) I haven’t given a family update … Read More