Hey friends!! I’m finally back with working internet, and switching it up today to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE!! Our sweet girl turns 10 today, which is crazy to believe! How does Brandon & I have a child that’s 10! She’s pumped about it being her day, and has it planned out just the way she wants it.

We were at the trampoline park last night with her best friend, and today they are hiking (maybe the weather isn’t looking great) and then going to Pirate Petes (an arcade) tonight with the kids department from church for a kids fellowship party. Her request was cosmic brownies for her birthday treat and then a cookie cake this weekend for her family birthday dinner. This girl is our easy to please child. She is simple and prefers her life to be that way too which makes the next part funny. She is expecting the same birthday breakfast this morning (pancakes with sprinkles) and balloons to fill the house when she wakes up on birthday morning and when I asked if she wanted to change those things, she insisted nothing is wrong with them and she didn’t want to change birthday breakfast:) She could careless really about birthday treats, wrapped presents, etc. but the pancakes and balloons HAVE to stay the same. We joke that when she’s 30 I’m coming over to leave balloons for her birthday. Or maybe it isn’t a joke;)

She was born on fathers day, and has pretty much always been laid back. Never liked to be rocked to sleep just laid down and left alone. The church nursery workers just couldn’t believe it and thought we were crazy, until they learned for themselves;)

She’s great at giving lots of grace (her middle name) to us as parents. Then and now too. We were crazy young when she was born so we all kind of learned together. It was hard at times, but she has been great with giving grace to us.

Ellie is a great friend to anyone who needs one. She loves to serve and help at church. Says she wants to lead a kids ministry when she’s older. She doesn’t care what people think of her. She’s a loyal sister and loves Avery big.

Happy Birthday Ellie! We are beyond blessed by being your parents!!


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