Hey friends! I am asking for your help today! We are sunscreen users. We are pale and have to sunscreen often. To the point we buy in bulk a couple times in the summer. Which leads me to… I feel like there has been all kinds of talk (specifically this year) about what sunscreen is best. We use a couple … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a favorites post. I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika to share. The weather is finally summer like here, so we’ve hit the pool pretty much all week. Pool time is our favorite always. While we are on the subject of pool time, I was in desperate need of a new swim … Read More


Hey friends! We had a busy weekend celebrating, so I have a ton of pictures to leave here today. Ellie had requested a friend to spend the night and go to the trampoline park, So on Thursday afternoon that’s what we did. Palynn has been Ellies bestie since they were born pretty much. They’ve grown up going to church together … Read More


Hey friends!! I’m finally back with working internet, and switching it up today to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE!! Our sweet girl turns 10 today, which is crazy to believe! How does Brandon & I have a child that’s 10! She’s pumped about it being her day, and has it planned out just the way she wants it. We were at … Read More


Hey everyone! As always, I’m sharing some favorites and linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika.  I thought I would change it up today and share some of our favorite games. Games are great for summer fun, without screen time and they last forever. We’ve had a crazy wet and mild summer this far, so not much swimming is happening, but since we’ve been … Read More


Hey friends! It’s a busy week over here at the Byars house. We have a lot of birthdays and celebrations coming up all in the next 2 weeks so basically, if you need me I will be priming and wrapping all the things;) I wanted to write a Fathers Day post about Brandon, but first want to reach out and … Read More


Hey all! I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites from the week. First up, my favorite is how these girls are always thinking of others. They are hosting a lemonade stand more about that here and their hearts to help a cause is the most rewarding thing to watch as a parent. They would love to have lots of customers! … Read More


Hey friends! I’m promoting the girls’ plan for this weekend, and we would love to have your support! This coming Saturday, they will be hosting this… They are excited to pour some lemonade and help out Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This is the second time we’ve done one. Take a look at this throwback… 2016 If you aren’t local or can’t make … Read More


Hey friends! I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika and sharing some favorites from the week. Last Friday after I got off of work, I took the girls to our towns new splash pad. It was HOT, and the water was cold. It was good entertainment for their first day of summer break. We had a pretty chill weekend last weekend, that included putting … Read More


Hey friends! I had intentions of blogging today, but after a late night last night soaking up the summer fun, that just hasn’t happened. Also, you’d be super bored with a weekend recap, because it included all the swim and grilling time and thats about it. I do want to say in honor of the fallen soldiers, THANK YOU!! Thank … Read More