Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share something fun we did over the weekend. 

The girls are super into baking type shows and since Christmas traditions are looking a bit different this year, we thought we’d make a family cupcake war happen. 

We basically cleaned out the pantry and halloween candy to do this and I just made sure I had cake mix and the icing on hand. 

We looked for ideas online and got to work. 

This was mine.



And Avs

We went to Facebook for a vote count, and Brandon and I tied as the winners. 

The girls decided they wanted to do more, and the stale ice cream cones in the pantry were just what we needed for trees. Ha. 

So we went to work on those.

Averys, Ellies, Mine and Brandons

Ellie was the winner of those. 

This was FUN! Also a mess, but we chose to remember it as fun;) 

If you’d like to see any of our other traditions, those are here. Many of which are canceled this year, but making new memories is fun too! 

Have a great week! 


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