Hey everyone! It’s the last Friday before Christmas, so I want to know who’s done shopping? I crossed the last gift purchase off our list yesterday.


I am linking up today with AndreaErika, and Narci to share favorites.

First up, these fake gingerbread houses. I ran across them at Jo Ann Fabrics and thought they would be fun. I like them so much and now that I’m typing this I feel like I may have already shared it;) They are completely foam and puzzle piece together. The girls liked these just as much as an actual gingerbread house kit and could do the whole thing by themselves. I apparently was to busy to get a good picture of their creations but this is what the box looked like.

Brandon gifted me with a Silhouette machine so I’ve been trying to learn that. These will be the girls hot chocolate cups. So if you’re looking for a decal, vinyl girl I would love to help you out! I also will be posting more creations on Instagram in the near future.

Christmas lights are a favorite around here, and I think we could keep them up year round and not get tired of them. They just make the nights more cozy. I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and they were already putting Christmas items on sale and it broke my heart a bit! Hardly any trees and minimal aisles of Christmas left.

I’m keeping it short today friends! I have a class party to get to!

We have a ton of fun planned for the weekend (tis the season) so if you want to keep up with that you can find me on Instagram @polkadotsandpopcornblog 

Have a great weekend!

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