I feel like many of us this year will be really digging deep to think about what we are thankful for after being almost thru 2020. 20/20 is clear vision and I think that’s what the year has brought our family. A clearer vision of what’s important in life and what we are truly thankful for, not just the things we come up with around the table on Thanksgiving day. 

Our house has so much to be thankful for this year. We have had steady income during a pandemic that has taken so many jobs and income. We’ve been able to have Brandon working from home, which is a huge blessing in a compromised household. Our kids have done remarkably well with remote schooling this year and they actually like it. All that to say, we are so thankful, and will not take our blessings for granted in the years to come. 

If it’s been a rough year for you and your family, please know I am praying for you. We’ve had our share of rough years in the past, and I know 2020 has been so rough for so many, and then to take on the holidays can sometimes be painful and honestly just dreaded. 

Our Thanksgiving this year is looking much different than the years past. We’ve always went to Brandons aunts or his parents house for a traditional meal. This year with the COVID numbers high in our area we felt it was best for our crew to stay home so that is where we will be. We are bummed to not see everyone but also embracing it, although that’s easy for me to say because Brandon is on turkey duty;) 

I’m not sure I’ll be posting the rest of the week, but I hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving, no matter how different it is.


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