Anniversary Questions.

Hey friends! If you’ve read my past interviews with the girls, then this will be no surprise post to you;) In honor of our 11th Wedding Anniversary coming up this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to ask Brandon some questions and he agreed to it. We were babies when we got married so 11 years is a lot of growth personally and in our marriage.

Here is a flashback! 17 and 19 years old!

Last years Anniversary picture.

So I asked Brandon these questions and here are his answers along with mine…


Who is more pleasant in the morning?

B: Me

A: B

Who is more of a thrill-seeker?

B: Me

A: Im not sure either of us are?

Who never forgets an anniversary or birthday?

B: you

A: me

Who looks the most like their parents?

B: you

A: me

Who is the best cook?

B: Its pretty equal.

A: He’s a good griller, but indoors I’d say me.

Who replaces the toilet paper roll the most?

B: you do

A: 4 people live in this house and are more than capable, still somehow it always falls on momma to do it.

Who likes to do yard work?

B: neither

A: we are not fans

Who controls the TV remote?

B: you do

A: I do. B would prefer to not have a T.V.

Who is the first to apologize?

B: me

A: B (Im trying to work on this)

Who laughs the most?

B: Maybe me I’m more of a joker and your more serious.

A: probably B.

Who feeds the dog?

B: Avery does

A: Avery does, but I give him his pills.

Who initiated the first kiss?

B: you did

A: I honestly don’t remember! I’m not that kind of sentimental person I don’t guess?

Who was more studious in school?

B: It had to be you it wasn’t me.

A: I’d say me

Who got more speeding tickets?

B: me

A: I have a clean record;)

Who is most romantic?

B: you

A: me

Who talks on the phone the most?

B: you do

A: Im not sure?

Who is more likely to sing with the radio?

B: me

A: Id say its a toss up

Who is better at using the computer?

B: me for sure

A: 100% him

Who has a sweet tooth? 

B: you do

A: me

Who likes to travel the most?

B: I would call it equal

A: I would agree

Who does the dishes?

B: We both do them, you do them more regularly

A: Im better at loading the dishwasher, but tend to put off hand washing dishes.

Who is the most organized? 

B: you are

A: for sure

Who is the bigger kid?

B: me

A: B is for sure

So there’s a bit about us. If you’re interested in our story and how we met, you can go here for that. We don’t typically do gifts, but we do get a quick little weekend getaway this weekend and we are excited! I’ll be back on Friday to share a list of favorites with you guys. Have a great week!



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  1. Momma is always the one to change the toilet paper. I gave up even putting it on the little rod. As long as it’s in the bathroom were good. I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I noticed that someone had actually placed a roll on the rod in the main bathroom – there is hope yet!

    1. Yes! Always! The kids even tell me when they start a new roll, yet there it sits on the cabinet right where they put it after using it🤷‍♀️😂 and thank you!

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