Hey friends! Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday. I did a post last week all about Avery, and this week its Ellies turn.

Ellie was born on June 21, 2009 which was Fathers Day that year! I had complications with blood pressure so I was induced and it was a weekend long affair, but she finally arrived that Sunday afternoon and it was the best first Fathers Day Brandon could have ever wished for. I should mention, she also has been on her own time frame since then, and does things at her own speed always.

The word that comes to mind when I think of Ellie is content. She is our easy to please girl and is always happy with what she receives. When she was a baby she was that way also. Always laid back and had a super chill personality.

She just loves life.

She also loves holidays. All of them, and always wants to celebrate them big!

She loves arts and crafts, and is currently trying her sewing skills on burp cloths she can sell to make some money.

She loves animals, and has a heart for all of them.

Most importantly, she loves Jesus more than anything and has a huge heart for others. If I had to pick what she will choose to do when shes older right this moment, I would say something in ministry work for sure. That might change, but I could totally see her going that route in life.

Sweet Ellie, we pray you keep on being the kind, loving, loyal girl you are!


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