Hey friends! What a whirlwind of a week! I am linking up today with NarciAndrea, and Erika and sharing favorites. Our days have been jam packed lately.

First up, last week Avery had a field trip to the fire station. Brandon had some other obligations that day and was able to come too. It was fun.

After that we headed to school to see Ellie get some awards for the first quarter of school. We are so crazy proud of her accomplishments.

Saturday we took the girls trick or treating, and because the President was visiting our little town that same day this bus was parked in a parking lot. No matter what position you take on politics, when the president comes to town its a big deal and we enjoyed watching it all come together.

Avery has been obsessed with Rudolph for the last year or so and wanted to be Rudolph this year for Halloween. We have never done a family theme before but Ellie also wanted to be the bumble so Brandon was Yukon, and I was the doll from the Island of Misfit Toys;) It was fun and when your kids want you to dress up you do it, because they are only little once.

That’s it for now! I want to know is anyone putting up Christmas this weekend? We love Thanksgiving too, but because we will be out of town for Thanksgiving we decorate our house early. And lets be real, who doesn’t love twinkling lights on a tree?!

Have a great weekend friends!

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