I’m back!! It’s been a minute and I have lots of fun to post from our last few weeks together. Today is our last day of the kids’ break and while we are sad to see it end, we are ready for routine and structure again.


I am linking up today with NarciErika and Andrea and sharing lots of favorites from our Christmas break.

I think I’ve mentioned on here before that Brandon works at our local college so a perk of that is him being home with us between Christmas and New Years. The dates vary but he has gotten at least part of the girls’ break off the last couple years. It is always the best and while we don’t do a ton out and about during that week we usually put together new Christmas toys, play and get quality time together.

If you were a reader around Halloween time this year than you may remember this…

Avery specifically is Rudolph obsessed and has been for awhile now, so imagine the surprise and excitement when we told both girls we were headed here…

It was so much fun to see Rudolph the musical at the Fabulous Fox. The kids were amazed that Rudolph “really flew” and that Sam the snowman just glided around the stage as he narrated the story.

Since we were 2 hours from home and it was Christmas weekend, after Rudolph we headed to lunch and then ice skating! We live in small town USA and don’t have an ice rink close to us so Brandon and the girls had never been.

When we arrived they had just taken someone off the ice with an injury so we laced up our skates and had to wait a bit to get on the ice Avery was so ready.

Who knows were the kids are at this point! Ha! Just kidding.

I am so crazy proud of both girls, one isn’t a risk taker and is always nervous about new things, and the other is totally fearless and fell a few times but they both stuck with it and when we thought about taking a break they both wanted to keep skating.

I feel like it was one of those days that will just always be a memory. It was such a fun day and we had the best time.

The next day was Christmas Sunday.

Then came Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

We started a puzzle.

We also played with new toys all day.

Speaking of new toys, I received a Silhouette machine and have been making fun things.

I’m still in beginning stages of learning but the projects I’ve started have been fun.

So that’s been our Christmas break. The decorations are all put away and my new planner for the year has been wrote in and we are ready for routine again.

I do want to mention, this last week was my 1 year blogging anniversary! If you’ve read, or purchased from a link I’ve shared I appreciate it so much! What started as an easy way to keep our family memories has become more like an actual blog that some of you read and support and we are thankful!

Have a great weekend friends!





  1. What a fun recap of your break. I cannot wait to follow along with your family this year! Also, we love doing puzzles this time of year. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Looks like a fun Christmas Break!
    I have never been ice skating & so want to try it!
    Have a great weekend!

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