Hey friends! Happy Friday! Is anyone with me when I say it’s seemed like the longest week ever?!

I’m linking up today with AndreaErika and Narci. Instead of sharing my normal list of favorites, I thought I’d take it a different direction and share some favorite books the girls have been reading.

I mentioned a few posts ago we have started family reading time every night in hopes that we all become more intentional readers. Ellie use to love to read, but this year has slipped away from it a bit so in an attempt to get her into it again we decided that every night after we are settled in we will set a timer and all read. It’s a great way for the girls to wind down before bed, and if I’m being honest Brandon and I aren’t the type to pick up a book just to read it, so we are learning to enjoy reading also. We take turns reading to Avery since she isn’t reading yet, she is eager to learn though!

So these are all books Ellie has read (parent approved by us) in the last year or so and has loved! She is in 4th grade for a reference point.

Brandon and Ellie are actually “buddy reading” this series right now and have finished book #2 The Lemonade Crime, and we are about to order the 3rd one. I think there are 5 total and we are happy to have found this series.

The Lemonade War

The Lemonade Crime

Ellie has always been a fan of The Cupcake Diaries and has this 4 in 1 book.

The Cupcake Diaries

Ellie loves a good dog book and has read all of these. They are wrote by the same guy that wrote A Dogs Purpose. I should tell you, she got A Dogs Purpose at a book fair, but after scanning it Brandon and I quickly decided it wasn’t appropriate in our opinion. All that to say, these passed our screen test and were fine.

Molly’s Story

Bailey’s Story

Ellie’s Story

Box Set

Averys book choices currently would be these. We are reading longer stories before bed, but these are the ones she talks about often.

No David Set

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Pete the Cat Box Set

So that’s the girls’ favorite reads. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any recommendations for a 9 year old or a 5 year old. We are always looking for new books.

Have a great weekend friends!!



  1. I remember my 4th grade teacher reading Anne of Green Gables to our class after recess every day. I already loved to read, but I fell in love with that series then. It might be a good one to read with Ellie.

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