Hey friends! It’s been a minute! I’m back today and linking up for Tuesday Talk! We’ve had some fun things going on lately so I thought I’d share.

Ellie earned a trip to the school salon last week (she had been saving her good behavior points for it) and it just happened to land on Valentines Day. So she came home with some festive hair.

We woke up to snow on Saturday, and while everyone in the Midwest is over winter and ready for sunshine, we went out to enjoy one last (we hope) snow.

When you are rushing to get those last sleds at the hardware store… I’m happy to report, mission accomplished!

We’ve been attempting family reading time every night before the girls’ bedtime. I feel like it’s going well so far and we are all reading more than we have in the past. Since Avery isn’t reading on her own yet, we’ve been rotating nights reading to her. I told her to get cozy in our bed for reading time while I was wrapping something else up and I walked into this sweetness.

I asked both girls how they wanted to spend Presidents Day and they were quick to say “lazy day at home” so we made that happen. A movie, lots of playing and not much else was our day yesterday.

That’s life lately! I will be back with Friday Favorites later this week!

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