Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! We are in the home stretch over here before Spring Break and we are pumped!

We aren’t headed anywhere that will be warmer than home (it might even be cooler), but we are pumped for some good family time away and that’s all that matters.

I seen this online and cracked up! All of it is true…

I thought I’d do a big photo haul on here today, because it’s been a bit since I had a random assortment.

Over the weekend, we had a birthday party to attend and then we split the girls up and they each had date days. We use to schedule these more often, but honestly time had kind of slipped up on us and we haven’t been super consistent with them.  Ellie chose browsing the mall and then The Lodge for dinner with Brandon. The Lodge is a local place, and has THE BEST dumplings ever. She knows I am still bitter that she took him there and not me;) He doesn’t even like dumplings.


Avery chose to get take out, and go home for a “at home spa night” complete with a movie, face mask, bubble bath including a bath bomb, cucumbers on her eyes (her exact request;) and painted nails. We had robes on by 5:00 and enjoyed our time together.

Picture quality is awful but I’m happy to report we are getting new phones today!! Ours are 5 years old but have been paid off and we honestly just didn’t want to have to pay for new phones. So we have waited about as long as we can and have taken the plunge to upgrade phones. Anyone else out there that doesn’t like to spend the money on phones? It’s always so expensive.

I got to stop by our favorite coffee shop the other morning. I’ve been drinking all the coffee lately.

Avery upgraded to a booster seat a couple weeks ago, and while we are thrilled to not have to stand in the freezing cold to 5 point harness her in, the thought of our last baby in a big kid seat is bittersweet. I never thought I’d think that, but after 9 years with a kid in a smaller car seat it does make me a bit sad.

The other day I was browsing T.J. Maxx and found this cute wreath. Our house was needing some green, so it made it home with me. I don’t buy much at T.J. Maxx typically, but I do think their home decor section is usually full of good finds.

Avery drew this the other day, and I was crazy impressed!! She has a game on her tablet that guided her but that’s much better than I could do!


I am not a reader, but since we’ve started reading more as a family I picked up this book. Everyone was raving about it last year on social media and how good it was. I’m not very far in, and it may take me forever to finish it, but so far it is good!! It’s about loving everyone even the ones that maybe aren’t the easiest to love.

That’s all for today! I’m off to finish some to-do lists. Have a great day friends!


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