Hey friends! I haven’t shared a life lately post in awhile, so today is the day;)

First up, we spent last Saturday morning “sister shopping” I was on Avery duty and Brandon took Ellie. They picked out gifts for each other. It’s always sweet to be an observer of what they think each other would like present wise.

Have you guys heard of this? It’s been all over social media and we loved the idea! Bummer for us our delivery drivers have yet to grab a snack from our porch. We do 99% of our Christmas shopping online so it’s the least we can offer them this time of the year. We are hoping one takes a snack soon!

Life lately has also included Christmas tees and some making of gift orders. We love Elf, but who doesn’t;)

We changed out a church bulletin board. It was a joint effort but how awesome is Brandons drawing?! I love how this one turned out.

Also, these chilly winter nights has this girl dreaming Christmas dreams. Actually these chilly nights have us all wanting to tuck in early.  She fell asleep last night in the chair and it was pretty precious.

I’m off to wrap up some more gift orders. I’ll be back here on Friday with some favorites.


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