Life lately

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Our girls have the rest of this week off for break and next Monday it’s back to normal schedules for all which we are ready for🙌🏼 we are creatures of habit and I’m pretty sure we’ve been in “ignore the alarm clock mode” for way to long🤦🏼‍♀️ Here’s a bunch of randoms for today. This is what we’ve been up to lately. Also, if most of these pictures have someone in their pajamas that’s also what we’ve been wearing lately.


We hit up all the after Christmas sales and scored some things for next year.

We’ve put new LEGO sets together and have more to go still. We also started to take ornaments off of the tree and pack it all up until we realized the shed doors were frozen shut. That’s how cold it’s been here lately. Which brings me to this question. Is anyone else super un motivated when it’s crazy cold outside? I’m not feeling very accomplished lately and I’m putting the blame on the crazy temps and wind chills. That’s all I have for today and as I was going thru my photos to post I realized I should probably take more if I’m going to post them. If your on instagram you can add me at


I will be back on Friday with aFriday Favoritespost. Hope you all have a greatweek!

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