Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to take time to share a different side of Christmas that I feel like has weighed heavily on all of us at different times in life. It’s so easy to think of Christmas as the best time and that’s ok and sometimes it is the best time. But, when it’s not the best time know that you’re not alone. Christmas can be a lonely time and that first Christmas without a loved one is sometimes just brutal and gut wrenching. If you’re struggling through the season this year, I want you to know I’ve been there and I am praying for you. Jesus will see you through your tough season and every season after that, you just have to cling to him.

Also, I wouldn’t want Christmas to come and go without mentioning how Jesus is our greatest gift. It’s so easy to focus on the decorations, gatherings, baking, shopping and busyness of the month and I am guilty. But without Jesus’ birth there would be no Christmas.

My prayer today is for the hurting hearts and that Jesus will cover you in comfort for whatever hard time you’re in.


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