Happy Tuesday! I haven’t shared a weekend top 3 in awhile, but this past one was a great one! The last few months the weekend has looked a lot like our weekdays, so I thought I should document this one. 

We started Saturday with some cleaning (super lame ha) but we were super excited to watch the Dragon/Falcon launch by Space X later in the afternoon and I thought a themed lunch would add some extra excitement. We raided the pantry for things to make a cheese board, got out some cookie cutters for the bread and cheese and then used stickers and skewers to make star picks for the food. 

We had to get outside after lunch to wait for the graduation parade to come by! Our teachers told us to be home between a certain time frame, and they came by honking and waving and it was fun to watch. Grateful for staff that took most of their Saturday to give one final goodbye to the kids. 

Going to be real here, we have been basically at home for forever because our state was under a two month lockdown that just ended last week. We are ready and craving normal. Then we had a newer outbreak in our county/town just when the numbers were starting to look better, so it feels like we keep getting set back on normal life. All that to say, by Saturday evening we decided to get out for a drive. Brandon bikes a local levee road often, so we decided to take a sunset drive out there and we rode in the back of his truck. The girls giggles and wind blown hair were a “life is good” moment we all needed after the last week or so. 

That sums it up! Not included in the pics, lots of swimming time and a fried fish dinner from the local fish truck in town. 

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