Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share a couple fun things we did over the weekend. The weather was amazing and we basically spent most of our time outside. Hoping for more days like those soon. 

If you’re like us and have went through crazy amounts of sidewalk chalk by now, we came across a recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. Sidewalk chalk has been hard to find, so we tried this with all the ingredients from home. 

What we used…

2 cups cornstarch (any brand we used generic)

2 cups water (any temp)

food coloring of your choice (gel ones are fine too)

paint brushes

What we did…

Stir cornstarch and water until well mixed. Then we divided it evenly into plastic throw away cups after we mixed the cornstarch and water well. The muffin tins were just to hold the throw away cups and helped with the mess:) It made plenty to make 8 colors, but you could use however many you want. 

We added paintbrushes (the foam ones seemed to work better) and the kids painted on the sidewalk. 

It did get thick so we continued stirring when needed. The colors were so vibrant and only got better as it dried. 

Avery decided to make some splatter marks…

It wiped right off their skin, and it hasn’t rained yet (I’m writing this on Monday) but online says it will rinse off with a hose or rain. 

The other fun we had over the weekend was a blind taste test. You could use many things but we went with a candy theme. 

What we used…

Starburst (any variety but individually wrapped)

Gummy butterflies

Skittles (any variety)

What we did…

We had the girls use bandanas as blind folds and once we knew they couldn’t see we put a piece of candy in their hands. The first one to guess the correct flavor would get a point (we didn’t keep score but you could). They had seen the candy in the pantry so they knew gummy bear, skittle, etc. But didn’t know what flavor until they tried it. They thought this was fun, and when we told them it was over Brandon took a turn:)

I will be back here Friday with a twist on Friday Favorites;) Have a great rest of the week! 




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