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I haven’t done updates lately on any of us so I thought I would do that today.

This made me laugh. I’m sure all teachers feel this way currently, but as a mom to school aged kids, and a wife to a husband taking college classes this is how I’m feeling too. We are ready to forget about all the homework, assignments, and lunch packing.


Sweet Ellie has come so far this school year and seems to be ending it incredibly well! We are always blown away with how she handles her work load at school, and overcomes a challenge (one specifically that was found this year through some school testing) This girl has made adjustments and compensated so well where she was needing to. It was a rough school year, tons of obstacles but it’s not about how you start it’s about how you finish and she is finishing extremely well in our opinion.

Avery is wrapping up her first year of pre-K and has learned lots! She tends to get in a bit of trouble, because she doesn’t stop talking ever😝 but we think she’s done well with adjusting to school. She started school in December last year, and the flu was everywhere. I was a nervous wreck sending our immuno compromised child to school in the middle of an awful flu season. I was crazy anxious, and way more nervous than our hematologist was about it. Every morning I prayed that God would wrap his arms of protection around her and keep her from a serious illness (because school germs and littles) and she was fine! I think since she’s been in school she’s had a few runny noses. We owe her healthy year all to God, and also a bit to the teachers that allow her a water bottle so she can stay away from germy water fountains.

Brandon is wrapping up his first semester back in school and we are so proud of him. Going back to school is an adjustment for anyone and it was rough at the beginning. Just not enough time in the day for everything and everyone if I’m being honest. But the semester is almost over and he won’t take classes again until fall so we are going to enjoy our summer to the max🙂

I’m over here doing the same things I have been. I say another day, another gallery wall and that’s basically my life😂 and laundry too. All the laundry all the time. I do feel like in the month of May, I need a clone. Anyone else🙋‍♀️ The girls go to separate schools so May is full of fun days, field trips, and anything else the schools schedule. I know it will only get busier with age but that’s ok, we will enjoy the ride.

I am joining in on a photo challenge this month on Instagram and would love if you would join us or follow. You can find me @polkadotsandpopcornblog

Have a great week friends!

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