I haven’t shared an Amazon post lately, and if you’re like me these are the best kinds of posts;) I always love to know what people are buying on Amazon, at Aldi etc. So here’s our recent buys from Amazon. 

I utilize affiliate links which may result in a commission on certain websites, Amazon is one of them but at no extra cost for you the buyer. As always, we appreciate it when you buy from something we’ve shared. 

We’ve been buying these trash bags for awhile now, and they hold up well! 

trash bags

I’ve bought these key rings for a couple years now as gifts. They are great for new moms, teachers, babysitters, college or high school girls and come in many colors. I grabbed one last week to store away as a gift for Christmas. 

key rings

Ok super random, but on Prime Day we typically think more house items than gifts. Coffee maker that needs updated, home alarm system, etc. Our printer had been saying low ink for awhile so on prime day I found this printer ink on sale. It was a great find then, but I just looked at what full price is and it’s still a great deal that way too. You get 3 refills for that price, so really it can’t be beat. Now I know all printer models require different inks, but check out that brand if your needing to get new ink. I was skeptical, but with free returns if needed I’m so glad we grabbed it. 

printer ink

We headed back to Sunday School this past Sunday, and Ellies closet needed some new dresses. I grabbed this polkadot dress for her and it’s so cute in person! 


And last, something so boring. Ha puppy treats because Brandon and the kids are training Bond. 

puppy treats

What’s the last thing you Primed? Leave me a comment and let me know! 



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