Art Wall

Hey friends! I’m linking up today and sharing a DIY project we finished a few weeks ago. As the weather gets warmer, we tend to take on more DIY home improvement projects so hopefully I’ll have more soon🙌🏼

A few months ago, I asked which was you guys favorites of these and #1 and #2 seemed to be the winners.

While I loved #1 it seemed like it would be harder to keep up with, so I went with a mix of the first 2.

We found a fun font and typed up what words we would like to frame for the top.

Av and I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked out cute and colorful scrapbook paper (cardstock would work also)

We had scrap wood laying around (Brandon woodworks and builds furniture on the side) so I had him cut these to size for me. We spray painted boards white and let dry. Then we measured and hot glued clothes pins on. You could paint the clothes pins, but we liked them natural.

We attached some command hooks to the back, and hung them up.

I didn’t get pictures of this part, but the frames are cheap ones from Walmart (it’s the same ones I do all our gallery walls in) and the paper in the frames we cut to size to fit. We cut the letters out with a Cricut machine and the hardest part of the whole thing was lining all the letters up evenly😬

Finished product🙂 I love how this turned out and our girls are proud to come home and hang up their art. I will change it out depending on season, and some of them I will break out year after year (like the Easter paintings)

I’d love to know how you all display your kids artwork! If your like us, it all use to collect on the fridge. You can leave me a comment below if you’d like🙂

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