Easter flashbacks.

Hey Friends! Happy Holy Week! I am going to share Easter pictures and how we celebrate with you guys today. But first, I would be ashamed if I didn’t take a moment and share the gospel with you guys and how Jesus changes lives. He changed mine when I was 12 and can change yours also. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make if you choose to believe, confess, and follow him I promise. Jesus dying and rising again is the reason we celebrate and we pray that you believe that also. I have included a link below if you would like to become a Christian.

Prayer of Salvation

We don’t typically promote the Easter bunny, because Jesus is the reason. However, our kids do wake up to Easter baskets on Easter and Santa’s gifts on Christmas Morning. We don’t make huge deals about either, and we feel that we do things to teach them the real meanings. Life is short, and they are kids so we don’t take all the made up things away but don’t focus on them either. Ok, now that that’s been explained here’s some throw backs🙂

Sweet Ellie’s first Easter 2010

Then I can not locate a few years after. So jumping to…

Sweet Avery’s first Easter 2014. Those arm rolls crack me up! She’s the smallest thing now days🤷‍♀️

We had it together that year apparently😉


Easter 2015

Easter 2016.

Easter 2017.

We typically dye eggs and hunt eggs at our house.

This year we are headed somewhere fun right after Sunrise Service and Sunday School and we are pumped about it! You can follow along on Instagram @polkadotsandpopcornblog to keep up with our adventures.

I’ll be back here on Friday with a list of favorites.

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