Hey friends! I’m sharing how we spent fall break last weekend. It was the best weather, the best view and great family time.

If I’m being honest, we’ve had a rough last month or so with sickness, jam packed schedules, and just craziness. I know everyone feels busy these days so I try to not to complain about it to much, but this trip was just what we needed.

We left on Thursday right after school and made it almost to Knoxville. We were just at the hotel for a quick sleep and breakfast and then we headed for the mountains.

We arrived around 10 and were excited to have all day to explore. We went straight to

The island to fountain watch;) We love the island and it was the most perfect fall weather.

We went to a few other shops and then decided to check into our camper for the night. We rented¬†this camper¬†on HomeAway (not an ad in anyway we just were really happy with it) and are so glad we did! We’ve always stayed at a cabin, condo, or hotel in the past but we thought the camper would be a fun experience.

The kids and Brandon played in the creek.

It was crazy roomy (for a camper) and we had a queen size bed in our room. We stayed in Friday evening and grilled and ate smores.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed to town for The Frizzle Chicken.

A short wait and the most perfect fall weather. We didn’t mind one bit;)

We stopped by the Island again for some sidewalk sales and pictures.

We decided to go up the mountain to an small amusement park. We all got tickets for ice bumper boats and it was FUN! Avery had to ride with an adult so I was the chosen one. We didn’t bump people much but we spun on the ice pretty much the whole time. She had me so dizzy by the end! But it provided lots and lots of laughs for all of us.

I apparently decided to quit taking photos about here of Saturday. But we walked the Gatlinburg Parkway and ate street food on a bench. Not to much to see there;)

Sunday we got donuts at a cute little shop then headed to the craftsmens fair. It was full of vendors but no photos were allowed. We then headed to mini golf, lunch and back to the camper and creek for more fun.

We ordered pizza and went on a bear hunt. Our camper neighbors said that they have a resident bear that comes around just about every evening and we were dying to spot him. Unfortunately we didn’t have a bear sighting at the camper but we did try walking around the campground at dark to find him.

The next morning we packed up and went to see the Dolly statue.

Then we headed home.

It was a great quick getaway.

Have a good weekend friends!!


2 Comments on “FALL BREAK 2019 IN THE SMOKIES.”

  1. Y’all are crazy! Walking in the dark looking for a bear?! When we go out west I SLEEP with my bear spray! Lol. Glad you had a good time!

    1. What?! I didn’t even know bear spray was a thing? Ellie was the brave one who insisted we bear hunt. But I think if she would have actually ran into one in the dark she would have lost her mind;)

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