Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! It’s a snowy slushy Tuesday in our neck of the woods and the girls are home for a snow day. How do you guys feel about snow days? Do you love them or hate them? We lean more towards loving them, although by 1pm today I may be rethinking that;)

I haven’t given a family update in awhile so I thought I’d do that today. Not much has been going on with the cold weather and it being flu season, but I blog to document our lives so here it goes.

We will start with Avery. She is in her second (and last) year of pre-k and will go to Kindergarten this fall! It is fun and a bit bittersweet to think about it, so we just won’t;) She is doing pretty well disease wise lately with only an occasional belly ache and jaundice. She is full of personality and loves to be the boss of everyone and everything.

Ellie is having a great year in fourth grade. When we think back to a year ago it was a super rough school year for her. With some advise and testing last year we found out what she needed and it made all the difference. She has made honors both quarters this year and it’s amazing to watch her confidence grow and also how proud she is after such a rough time. She is a great friend to anyone and has such a heart for helping and serving others.

Brandon is still in school (along with working full time) and doing some fun things on the side. I am just over here doing all the dishes and laundry all the time;) I’ve been getting asked (like once a week or so) when I’m going back to work and the answer would be not any time in the near future. We’ve done both in the past but me being home just works better for us as a whole family. I realize not everyone can make that financial sacrifice but for our family it’s been worth it.

So that’s a quick random update on us. We are loving our girls ages currently. There is something so fun about 5 & 9.

Have a great week!







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