Hey friends! Happy Friday! We’ve had a busy week around here and as always I’m linking up today and sharing favorites.

First up, I apparently just discovered pretzel crisps and may or may not have had this for lunch yesterday­čśČ

I captured this nice moment between the girls but the quality is awful. Ellie was reading Avery a library book that she picked out this week.



Ellie has been at golf camp all week and today she gets to play on the course and we can go watch. This program is called “Hook A Kid On Golf” and I highly recommend it if you have one around your town. They teach a lot of etiquette (on and of the course), and golf things.

We have started the girls “stay up late nights” this week and they’ve been a big favorite. One night a week (only for the summer though, it would never work during the school year) they get their night to hang after the other goes to bed. Avery went first this week and chose to play lots of board games, then Ellie chose to race cars on the XBOX on her night. Basically, any reasonable request goes and if you interrupt the others night, yours will get skipped the next round. It worked well this week and if your like us and have a hard time getting one on one time this is a great way to make that happen.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I’m off to watch a sweet girl play some golf today!

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