Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! I’m joining a link up as like always today and sharing our favorites from the last little while. Which really is just a bunch of snow and lazy day pictures😂 <<< ndon and Ellie went to a school event, and me and this girl decided to stay in and cozy up with popcorn and Trolls. And let me tell you, Avery is Poppy crazy! Everything is Poppy and the soundtrack is always on in my car. I'm over it and she is clearly not😉 Snow days are a big favorite for all of us, as long as we get to stay home and take time to play in it…

Ace also enjoys the snow

This Pioneer Woman recipe is a big favorite of everyone in our house which rarely happens. Right Moms?! I feel like I can never please everyone but this dish is always a hit.


One last thing. We are looking for a big area rug and haven’t found one we really like yet. So my question is where do you all shop for Area Rugs? I would love to know. We don’t have many stores around us really, but I’m worried if I buy one online I won’t like it in person. So leave me a comment, or a link and help a girl out please🙂

If you haven’t followed me yet on Instagram you can find me @polkadotsandpopcornblog Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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