Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with AndreaNarci and Erika.

The sun finally shined here yesterday which was great for my productivity. It’s been a cold and dreary week so yesterday was a favorite weather wise.

We did this puzzle over Christmas break but are ready to get out another one. We borrowed it from some friends and it is the best cold weather indoor activity. If you’re looking for new puzzles this Disney set is a four pack and will keep you busy for awhile.

I walked into the living room on our snow day this week and these girls were cuddled up. One caught me, but the other didn’t;) I love how close they are.

I’ve been putting a decal on lots of things lately, but these tumblers are still a favorite. If you want one, message me!

Art work in the hallway of pre-k is always a favorite to look at. This is Averys snowman.

I am keeping it pretty short today.

Have a great weekend friends! I’m off now to a school awards ceremony.


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