Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea today to share our week.

Last Saturday, we had some errand running to do, so I snapped a picture with my favorite 9 year old. The days are short but the years are long is so true! She will be 10 in a few short months. So crazy to think about.

We celebrated Brandon this week and Birthdays are always a favorite, until it’s mine;)

I met Brandon one day for lunch, and Chick-fil-A is our favorite. Why does it have to be so good?!

We got to spend some time outside yesterday, and it felt good! Unfortunately, it’s looking like the weekend won’t be great weather, but the sun we did have was nice.

Another favorite for Avery was filling out her Kindergarten registration papers this week. Not so much for my momma heart. But, she is so pumped for Kinder so that makes it a little more bearable.

Have a great weekend friends!


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