Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! As always I’m joining a link up and sharing my favorites from the past week!

Yesterday it was snowing and this girl kept getting hit with snowflakes. Snow is our favorite, because after Christmas things look so boring and cold. Pretty snow always makes the day more joyful🙂

Every year, I kind of cringe at the thought of crafting a Valentine’s Party box with Ellie. She loves crafts and that’s great, but I’m not crafty at all. This one though, might turn out good. Fingers crossed it does anyway. She loves all things LEGO and this box seemed so fitting. We still need to prime and paint, I’ll share finished product next week.

These planner notes Ellie has been writing, kind of crack me up! I love to read them.

Is buffalo plaid still a favorite for anyone? I feel like you can keep it out and wear it at least through Valentine’s Day? Opinions are welcome, I’m not a fashion girl and will take any advise I can get in this department.

Thats it for this week, I am off to finish our meal plan and fold more laundry. Have a good weekend🙂

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4 Comments on “Friday Favorites!”

  1. I think you can totally pull off the buffalo plaid up till Valentines day! And seriously that is going to be the cutest valentine box ever…what a great idea! My efforts usually go as far as cutting a hole in a shoebox and MAYBE adding some stickers. 😉

    1. Ok good! We will wear all the buffalo plaid until Feb 15th🙌🏼😊 and thanks I would much rather cut a hole in shoebox and sticker it up. Or just send a bag of some sort😉 pretty sure they get recycled or trashed after the party anyway😂

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