Hey friends! I’m linking up today with Narci and Andrea to share some favorites from the week.

The weather was gorgeous here on Easter, so we went to church and then lunch at Brandons’ parents house and then came back home to bike and scooter the rest of the day. Sundays are a big favorite around here.

Monday was also beautiful, so we picnicked (is that a word?) and played at the park with the best sandwiches (from the Amish store if you’re local) and then went home to do some much needed yard work. There’s still a lot more of it, but we made a good dent in it. Spending all day outside is the best.

The pre-k halls are looking so fun with all the bright art hanging up. I spied a butterfly the other day;) Art is Averys’ favorite and she is always coloring for someone or drawing things for people.

This had me cracking up the other day! Reese’s are popular around here, and are even better if you freeze them for a bit before eating them. The girls’ peanut butter eggs, may or may not have gone missing on Easter evening;)

Tulips are a favorite around here. The last bundle I picked up lasted awhile (more on that trick soon) there’s just something about fresh flowers on the table that makes days better.

I’m going to wrap it up here. We have empty calendars this weekend, and I am excited for that! Have a great weekend friends!






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