Hey all! I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites from the week.

First up, my favorite is how these girls are always thinking of others. They are hosting a lemonade stand more about that here and their hearts to help a cause is the most rewarding thing to watch as a parent. They would love to have lots of customers!

Another favorite this week, pool time! We haven’t had as much of it as we would like due to all the storms and then the waters been cold. But what we’ve been able to have we have loved. The girls both entertain themselves in the pool for the most part and I can lay on a raft for more than 5 minutes at a time these days. Ha!

I found myself back at Hobby Lobby this week for lemonade stand things, and found another orange tagged item to buy. Going to fill this caddy with markers and colored pencils for convenience. They still have some great deals.

Brandon is riding his bike 100 miles through the month of June to raise money for the Great Cycle Challenge and to get sponsors said he would ride in a tutu. So we found one and here he is. Avery couldn’t resist wearing her tutu, “just like dad” his heart is also my favorite, and that’s where the girls get it from.

Signing off for today friends! We have a lemonade stand to prep for:)

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