Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Erika and Narci to share some favorites.

Ok, by now you all are tired of me talking about this, but we scored the best cold brew coffee maker on Prime day and are still loving it. It is so good.

We ordered a bunch of dice to play Tenzi with. Tenzi has become a favorite game around our house. There are so many ways to play it, and even Avery can play it and match patterns on the dice to find matches.

Also a favorite, Avery learned how to ride her bike this week without training wheels! She was determined to learn this summer, and she made her goal. No pictures unfortunately, but I did get a video of it.

This made me laugh! We are the people that don’t think much about school supplies until August because, who wants summer to end right?! It’s like the stores are shortening our days at home with their ads and aisles. Someone tell me I’m not alone in not wanting summer to end?

Another favorite, bible school! This years theme is “Into the Wild” and part of my job is to put a few of the bulletin boards together at our church. Our church bible school starts this Sunday evening and goes until Thursday evening. We would love to have your kids join us if your local.

Wrapping it up now, I have something fun for the girls planned. Have a great weekend!


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