Hey friends! I’m linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika to share some favorites.

On Sunday, Brandon and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. Ellie made a journal writing at school about the weekend that said “it was my parents anniversary but it was just like any other Sunday. The cake was good though” Haha we cracked up when we read that! She’s right though, not much time to celebrate when your day falls on a Sunday and you have other commitments. We will celebrate soon and we all agreed the cake was so good!

I picked these up the other day. Have you guys had these? Candy usually isn’t my favorite, but I cannot stop eating these! The green apple ones are great too.

We’ve been slinging shirts around here. When a friend asked if I could make this one I thought it was so cute! Fun fact, TLC was a favorite of mine back in the day which is funny to think about now. I can’t look at this shirt without getting the song stuck in my head;)

Also a favorite, Target! This cracked me up.

So who’s in?!

Have a great weekend friends!!

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