Hey friends! Happy Friday! It’s a great Friday for us because we are waking up very close to our happy place;) The kids have a four day weekend so we are making the most of it.

I’m linking up today with AndreaNarci and Erika to share some favorites.

First up, I’ve told you guys how Ellie is super into space and astronomy. So when the Adler Planetarium workers came to our library to talk space she was all about it. They had fun activities for the kids and a microscope to look at rocks. It looks like they will be around our area (Southern Illinois)or a few more days so check their website if your interested.

Sunday was super rainy here all day. We needed the rain so we were thankful for that. It also gave us an excuse to lay in our room and watch T.V. with all the cozy blankets. Cuddles with this one is one of my favorites.

I took the girls to do a little fall shopping yesterday and found these jackets for a steal! We were in store and this green was the only one marked down but I thought they were a great find. I linked it but the price online isn’t showing the same as in store. A great jacket is our favorite around here.

Not a favorite is getting flu shots, but let this be a PSA and reminder to please get your flu shot. As an immunocompromised house it’s vital that we do everything in our power to prevent the flu. I would encourage you to think about the patients that can’t get the flu shot.

I am sure you guys have all seen this and heard of it by now. But Sunday, Ellen and President Bush were sitting together and enjoying it. They are friends and shouldn’t have to defend their actions and that’s not the part that I care about. I care about the fact that they are very different in their views, but yet still put that aside to be friends. That they don’t live the way the other does but they value their friendship enough to put that first. Our town is coming off of a week long teacher strike (school resumed yesterday), but it’s my prayer that hope and community can be pieced back together and friendships can be mended. Friendships are worth it. Community is worth it.

Ok that’s it for today. We have a fun Friday ahead! Have a great weekend friends!


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