Hey friends! Happy Friday! I’m linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika.

First up, I went with a couple others from our church yesterday to deliver shoeboxes to their drop-off location. I am a small part of the coordinating team for Operation Christmas Child at our church. Every year our family is blessed to be a part of it. From the videos we watch about kids receiving their gifts, to the sweet prayers our kids pray for the child that will receive the box, and to the total amount collected when it’s over, it’s such a great experience and I hope my girls never forget how packing a shoebox gift can and does matter.  Shoebox time is a family favorite.

We’ve had some chilly nights in our area and being under a huge blanket is my favorite. Always.

I was wondering thru Walmart which I rarely do these days, and came across this. We talk all year about this cereal so I was thrilled it’s back out for the Christmas season. It’s been a favorite for years and is so good! Why is it that the seasonal things are always the best things?!

Also a favorite, Christmas shopping! I’d say we are just about done shopping but if you’re still shopping and have girls on your list, check out my gift guide for girls. Most of the things on there would also work for boys too.

I’m off to work and then I have a date with Brandon. Have a great weekend friends!

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