Hey friends! It’s been awhile! Sorry for that, hoping that the blog is finally fixed (huge thanks to Brandon it was a task for him) and I can continue regular scheduled programming ha;) 

I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites, and like you all we’ve been doing everything at home. In Illinois, it’s looking like that won’t change for another month at least. I should mention we aren’t tired of being home yet, and the girls have been troopers and haven’t asked to go anywhere. They’ve adjusted so well! 

A favorite around here has been getting creative with our school work/ mom assigned work. Our schools sends us packets, and while those are fine they are the bare minimum in my opinion, so I’ve been adding to both girls assignments in different ways. 

Avery loves all things rainbows, so we changed it up when we had to write rhyming words and we broke out the craft paper and markers to make it fun. 

I’ve talked about this before, but with our girls age gap, it’s hard to find family games we can all play without Avery needing help. Our family loves Blink. It’s also a great way for pattern and shape recognition for littles. We played this for forever yesterday. A quick card game is a favorite around here for sure. 

Ellie had to draw a picture of her pet. So here is Ace:) She received this Smart Sketcher for a gift a few years ago and still breaks it out some. We transferred a picture of Ace to it so she could trace it. 

We have been updating our back yard patio area, and also our backyard in general. We’ve had a single person hammock for years, but when I found a new double person one I couldn’t resist. I thought a hammock was for relaxing, but clearly this girl doesn’t think so. Ha! 

Does anyone else do this? We are big fans of candy in popcorn. Typically M&Ms but we used what we had last week for movie night. Charleston Chews are a newer family favorite, but popcorn has always had our hearts. 

That’s it for this week! I’m signing off here to fold all the laundry. Anyone else feel like it’s still endless no matter how many days we stay in pajamas?! We’ve been trying to get dressed most days because we are all much more productive that way. But this was cracking me up! 


Have a great weekend! 







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  1. So true; Laundry is never canceled! I even end up doing laundry when we go on vacation. I always thought babies and toddler made a lot of laundry and while my boys are all teenagers and only change clothes once a day those items are SO much larger that I can’t fit nearly as many in one load.

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