Happy Friday! We are so happy we don’t have to remote learn tomorrow, or the next day over here! Ha anyone with me?!

I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites. 


Up first, one of my favorite girls, wrote about her favorite earlier this week on the blog. Did you see her post? You can look at it here if you missed it. 

Our favorite way to remote learn is with a clipboard in a cozy window…

Another BIG favorite is the amazing weather we’ve had. Sunny but mild every single day for the last bit and next few days too I think. 

 Keeping it short today! Have a great weekend! 




2 Comments on “FRIDAY FAVORITES.”

  1. EEk! We start distance learning next week and I am pretty nervous for that. Luckily I think/hope my high school guy won’t need much help but I am hating that he has to log in for every single class all day long following the standard bell schedule.

    1. Best of luck to your house Joanne! I feel like most days go really well with distance learning here. My middle schooler is all online, but I basically feel I have to sit with my first grader for hours to read all her instructions to her, and then some of hers is on a computer as well which is difficult and we don’t want her navigating alone just yet. Sigh… I wasn’t menatally prepared for all this school year has to give us. Thanks for reading!

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