Hey all! I’m changing it up today and sharing about Brandon since Fathers Day is Sunday. He is an amazing father and our girls are so blessed to have him.

I should mention that Brandon became a Father for the first time on Ellie’s arrival day❤️ She was born 2 weeks early due to some complications and after a long weekend of labor she arrived on Father’s Day 2009 so it was the best way to spend a first Father’s Day.

He’s the best parent to explore heights with, because lets face it their momma is a chicken🤣


He isn’t above riding a carousel a million and one times in a day if the girls ask him to.

He takes time to go over important bible and life lessons with the kids. Including the “Empty Tomb Lesson” this last Easter.

He builds with them all the time. Sometimes Legos, sometimes furniture, the time below was the arch though😊

He has yet to miss a first day of school drop off, or any other important event for the girls.

I asked Ellie and Avery what they had to say about their dad and here’s a link to that video.

Father’s Day Interviews with girls

Hopefully you all have a great weekend! Monday starts a special birthday week at our house so we are pumped around here.

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