Hey everyone! As always, I’m sharing some favorites and linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika. 

I thought I would change it up today and share some of our favorite games. Games are great for summer fun, without screen time and they last forever.

We’ve had a crazy wet and mild summer this far, so not much swimming is happening, but since we’ve been inside we’ve been playing a ton of blink. Do you guys have this game? We are big game players around here, but with our girls age gap (almost 10, and 5) it’s hard to find games they both are interested in. This one was great for both of them and it’s super fast, so great for a waiting room, dinner out, etc.

We also love Eye Found It. Ellie got this for Christmas a few years ago, and we all love it too. It’s another one that our whole family can play and age and comprehension of it isn’t much of an issue.

Ok, I’m realizing this is looking like a Disney sponsored post, but it isn’t. I wish it was, so Disney if you’re reading this please call;) We have this version of Headbanz and it is fun! It comes in many versions though, if you’d rather not have the Disney one.

Brandon was teaching Ellie how to play Battleship the other night. He has waited a long time for that moment.

Averys’ favorite game right now is for sure Lucky Ducks. It’s a good matching game.

I want to know what your familys favorite games are. Leave me a comment below! We always have room for one more game in our closet;)

**This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you buy from something I’ve shared. I don’t typically share a link unless it’s something I love and have personally bought myself. 






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