Hey friends! It’s Friday, which means we are linking up over here for Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea. I thought it would be fun for the girls to share their favorites, so that’s what we are doing today. 

First up…

We’ve been trying to stay away from to many screens and TV time. But sometimes, momma needs a minute. Avery loves watching Butterbeans Cafe, and loves all things cooking currently. 


She’s been playing with her doll houses, and Calico Critters non stop lately. She has the bunnies and the chipmunks and they’ve even made it outside with us to play. 

Calico Critters

We bought the girls projector things for their rooms when we were crazy bummed about our cruise a couple weeks ago. They came in and Avery goes to sleep with this rainbow projector on every night now.  It plugs in, and has a 10 minute timer. It is the cutest if you have a kid that is into all things rainbows currently, or also a great price for a birthday gift for someone. 

Rainbow Projector

Up next…


Ellie got this devotional  awhile ago as a gift, but still reads it and loves it. 

Sam & Cat is currently Ellies favorite TV show. It’s older but the reruns are on still.  She’s watched every episode I’m pretty sure, and loves it. 


Ellie is still building all the things over here. I’m not sure her LEGO craze will ever end and that’s ok with us:)


Ellie loves astronomy and star things, so when we bought the projectors this Star one had her name wrote all over it. 

Star one

That’s it for today! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms reading too! 


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