Happy Tuesday! I’m about to get real personal here, in hopes that one more person will get a mammogram.

My mom passed away from Breast Cancer when I was 17. She was someone who regularly had mammograms and it actually wasn’t found on a mammogram. My mom was diagnosed at 38 and passed away at 42. So, because of that I was told to get a mammogram on routine when I turned 30. My birthday was in July…sigh.

I went into it dreading it because I think everyone is always so negative talking about their experiences having one. It wasn’t the most comfortable or pleasant thing on my to do list that day, but it was quick and painless. Initially, the tech said it looked good but the radiologist said otherwise and wanted to double check a spot that showed on original scan, so a week later I had more scans of different angles and that one came back clear and fine.

All of that to say, do not put off a mammogram. Your lives are to important to not schedule one.

Have a great day friends!


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