Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing a gift guide today and hoping you guys will add to it with more ideas for girls. Avery has a Birthday in a few weeks, and then Christmas is around the corner so we have started shopping. Some of these we have, and some the girls would like to have. I’d say these are geared from ages 5-10 or so, but use your own judgement for that part.

These Boogie Boards always make our list and we had this multi colored one when Avery was little. She loved it and it was always a great “quiet” toy to have on hand. We upgraded both girls last year to this version and they still use them.

Rainbow Boogie Board

Boogie Board

Both girls have requested this Crayola Light Board for Christmas and while I’m not sure they are getting them yet, they are fun looking and a popular item this year.

Crayola Light Board

Also on their lists’ new LEGO sets. We tell the kids all the time that we will forever keep their LEGOs. They are the toys that are timeless and one day we could have grandkids playing with them.

LEGO set

Santa may be bringing these scented markers to both girls this Christmas. Ellies teacher likes to put smiley faces on their hands when they have good days at school and uses scented markers. The girls love all things art so I thought these would be fun.

Mr. Sketch markers

Ellie recieved this Botley last year for Christmas and still likes him (when his batteries aren’t dead) She likes all things coding and he’s good practice for her.


Ellie also received this Echo Dot kids edition as a gift and uses it everyday. She sets reminders and asks Alexa the weather on it. We can message or call her on it. We highly recommend it!

So these are just a few of our favorites. If you have a kid with a Christmas list ready, I’d love to know what’s on it!

Have a great week friends!




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