Hey friends! It’s a very special Tuesday around our house, because this guy is turning 32 today!

See that “57” in the picture? Well Brandons’ grandpa would always joke that their family was a Heinz 57 family, so when we found a factory of the company on Spring Break we had to stop for a picture;)

I’m not sure how I got so blessed with Brandon, but I hit the jackpot when God sent him my way 13 years ago…

He is always up for fun, and is the “fun” adventurous parent for sure. Like when we went ice skating and were all beginners;)

He is the calm to my storms. If you know us, then this is no surprise. There isn’t much that Brandon gets angry or stressed about.

He also has the biggest heart for ministry and going out of his comfort zones to tell people about Jesus. Sometimes people are surprised when the jail ministry comes up in conversations, but if you’re looking for him on a Sunday evening he will be at the county jail, telling inmates that Gods love has no boundaries and that he still loves them no matter their pasts.

He is super involved in everything the girls do. I don’t think he’s ever missed a first day of school drop off, or an awards ceremony. Also super grateful for his current job, and the flexibility it offers for things like this.

He is always my biggest cheerleader. Always. Recently I started a Friday job and as needed fill-in job and he’s been so supportive. He was also supportive when Ellie was born (and later Avery) and we made the sacrifice of my job at those times for me to be a stay at home mom. He never thought about himself for those, just that it was worth the financial cut for me to be home.

He’s always crazy helpful at home, including remodels, DIYs, furniture making, but also laundry if needed, or finishing dinner if I have a kid somewhere they need to be and am not home to finish cooking.

So happy Birthday Brandon, we love you like crazy!

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