Happy Tuesday! 

If you’re like our crew, we are not so patiently awaiting summer over here. So anything fruity and pretty colored has us thinking of a poolside summer. 

Have you guys seen the instant whipped coffee trend? This first drink is a take on that, but kid friendly. 

What you’ll need…

2 tbsp Strawberry Nesquick 

4 tbsp whipping cream

Ice (as much as you prefer)


We also added colored sugar to the glass rim for fun. 

A way to mix, we used a whisk (hello arm workout) but an electric mixer is great too!

What you’ll do…

Put Nesquick powder and heavy whipping cream in a mixing bowl. Mix until fluffy and whipped. Have a glass of iced milk ready to go. When whipped mixture is ready, pour on top of milk, then enjoy! Above makes one serving, so we doubled it. 

The girls thought this was more milkshake consistency. 

The next one is more to my liking;) 

What you’ll need…

Dole Pinapple/Orange Juice



What you’ll do…

We fill our glass with some ice and then halfway with sprite, add pinapple/orange juice till full. Stir and enjoy:) 

Now, I’m sure this one would be great with something extra, but we aren’t drinkers. Our girls love this one too! 

Let me know if you try these and like them! 




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