Three Things Family Update

Hey friends, I thought I would share some random updates on our family today🙂

Brandon & Ashley

1. Brandon has went back to school, and getting in that routine has been rough on everyone😬 but we are getting a schedule down and it will get better. I should mention this was never the plan when he got his job back in July, but it will hopefully bring more great things in time.

2. We are currently trying to plan our Spring Break, but are undecided what we should do. If you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them, we live in Southern Illinois for reference.

3. Between running kids and errands, not much has changed for me. Still busy packing lunches, grocery shopping and doing lots of laundry. Laundry…why is there always so much of it?!


1. If you’re ever looking for this girl, you can usually find her with her nose in a book. We rarely have to encourage her to read she usually does it on her own. We are very thankful she loves to read!

2. She has recently taken an interest in Volcanoes and is always telling us about them! It’s her reading story at school currently so we are blaming that😉

3. This girl loves pajama days at home more than anyone I know. Usually, if there is no school she asks for a lazy day playing games or reading in her pajamas. She is super easy to please.


1. This girl started school in Dec. and between break, snow days and sickness I’m not sure she has went a full week yet. We knew when we signed her up that she would be out a lot because of her hereditary sphereocytosis and low immune system. The days she has made it to school, she has loved it.

2. If there is dress up clothes around, you can bet she is in them. Always in costume! We say another day, another princess because it is everyday.

3. She is an entertainer! This girl loves to be the star of the show and make her presence known to everyone. Dancing, singing, or whatever she loves it all.

That’s all for today. I will be back on Friday with a list of favorites. Hope you guys have a great day!

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