I thought today I’d share a three things post. I don’t feel like I’m keeping up with the blog as much as I’d like to, but want to be able to document life as our “family scrapbook” so today seemed like a great time to get that done.  


Ellie is doing so well in school this year as a full remote. She hasn’t minded being full remote, but is also excited to get in the middle school next year and see her friends. 

She’s also been self teaching herself to play the uke. Brandon has one too so they sometimes play together. 

She joined Girl Scouts a year ago, and is still excited to be a part of that. This is her first year selling cookies and we’ve had our fair share of thin mints at our house;) 

Bonus thing: Ellie is loving stop motion animation. She makes videos often and is always thinking about what her next one should be. 


Avery has done well since her surgery in January. She got her spleen and gallbladder taken out then (due to complications of having a blood disease) and Brandon and I would both say she is living her best life now. She’s feeling great, and we are so grateful for that! 

She has also done well with full remote school. It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to keep her motivated at work time, but she’s getting it done. Even if it takes her double time from stalling;) 

This girl is our crafter! She loves to make things and typically there is some sort of paper craft happening and her hands are usually covered in markers (lefty life i guess;) 

Bonus thing: She is now on penicillin everyday twice a day, and has been such a champ about it! It will be that way for the next 10 years of her life, and we are so proud of how she’s handled it. 

The rest of us…


This sweet pup has been with us for 7 months now, and we are smitten. He’s the best dog, and we are lucky to have him. 

He tucks himself in at night. No joke! 

He loves strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter as snacks. Basically we can’t open the peanut butter jar without him thinking he’s getting some. 

Brandons school started back up about a month ago (hello 3 classes) which are all pretty demanding. He’s doing so well juggling it all and the girls and I are crazy proud of him always. He’s still remote working from home everyday and likes it, which is great because we don’t see it changing anytime soon for his department. 

Brandon also is making games on the side and as a way to “unplug” from his school and 9-5. If you’re interested in games or that you can see it here

As for me, I’m still remote schooling the girls, making tees when there’s time, and working at our church on Fridays. 

So that’s a little update on our crew. Have a great week! 


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